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How can we save money on honeymoon meals?

Dine In on Your Honeymoon!

If you're going to spend some of your honeymoon in a hotel or motel room, be sure it is equipped with a small kitchen, or at least a mini-fridge. That way, you can buy a few treats and staples at a local market. Have a few romantic picnics in your room, rather than paying a fortune for room service, restaurant meals and beverages. That way, when you do have a night on the town, you'll be able to splurge with the money you've saved!

Can a honeymoon travel package save us money?

The Truth About Travel Packages

A travel package typically combines airfare and hotel, and occasionally other items, such as rental cars or extra activities. They're a handy alternative to booking the hotel and the airline tickets separately, and can often save you money.

Because of travel consolidators' huge sales volumes, they generally get better rates from airlines and hotels. Some travel specialists are often able to offer you much better prices by working with the travel consolidators than could be had by going directly to the airlines and hotels (even if the professional, rather than you, arranges for the reservations). So, the greater the number of different consolidators a travel professional works with, the greater the likelihood that she'll be able to give you an impressive and varied selection of travel options for a wide range of destinations at the best possible prices.

Of course, there are certain situations where packages just aren't the best choice. Itineraries with multiple destinations or very exotic or unusual destinations are probably best custom-created by you and your travel agent. That way, you can work together to join all your vacation wants and needs into a personalized dream honeymoon, built just for you.

Why should I mention "honeymoon" while making reservations?

Mention You're Honeymooners

Going on your honeymoon? Well, don't be afraid to mention that fact when you're making your reservations for a restaurant, hotel, cruise or anything else. Announce it when you arrive--hey, you're happy--tell everyone! Plus, special accommodations and gifts, ranging from upgraded rooms to flowers, fruit baskets and free champagne, are often given to honeymooners. So, share the joy and reap the rewards!

How do I find out more about gift registries?

Honeymoon Registry

Honeymoon registry services offer a great way to achieve the honeymoon of your dreams. If you already have enough knick-knacks and toasters, you'd probably rather receive cash wedding gifts toward portions of your honeymoon. You build a fun registry online, complete with pictures you choose, and register for a romantic dinner, one night at your resort or hotel, 500 miles of airline travel, scuba lessons--really, nearly anything you can come up with!

There are many registries out there, but is the most popular and economical. They charge no sign-up (or any other) fee to couples, offer a free wedding web page, thank-you notes list and lots of other free perks. Plus, their Romantic Vacation Specialists are up on all the best deals on cruises, resorts and travel packages in all the most popular honeymoon destinations.

Should we sign up for a honeymoon registry?

What's a Honeymoon Registry?

If what you'd most like as a wedding gift is a great honeymoon, you should consider signing up with a honeymoon registry.

Sure, online wedding registries take a little of the romance out of gift-giving, but they also take away the guesswork and the parking hassles for the guest, and they save you from opening (yet another) well-meant small appliance.

Honeymoon registries simply offer up bits of your honeymoon expenses as gifts to be purchased. One guest's gift might be 500 miles of your airfare to Hawaii, another guest might buy one night at your resort or hotel, a night on the town, etc.

A honeymoon gift registry may not pay for your entire honeymoon, but they're lots of fun to set up--and you never can tell!

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