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How much should we tip?

Tip it Good

Ok, tip them "well". Either way, whether you're on a business trip in Topeka, a romantic Hawaiian anniversary cruise or a weekend honeymoon in Las Vegas, it's important to tip people who deserve extra thanks for jobs well done. It's even more important to tip those hard workers who depend on tips in order to earn a decent living!

Did you know that in some countries, it's considered rude, uncalled for, or actually illegal to tip?

Did you know that travelers from the U.S. are the world's biggest tippers? (I'll bet you knew, but didn't know you knew.)

For more info on how much of what to offer to whom, when and where, do check out my newsletter on the topic.

Should we sign up for a honeymoon registry?

What's a Honeymoon Registry?

If what you'd most like as a wedding gift is a great honeymoon, you should consider signing up with a honeymoon registry.

Sure, online wedding registries take a little of the romance out of gift-giving, but they also take away the guesswork and the parking hassles for the guest, and they save you from opening (yet another) well-meant small appliance.

Honeymoon registries simply offer up bits of your honeymoon expenses as gifts to be purchased. One guest's gift might be 500 miles of your airfare to Hawaii, another guest might buy one night at your resort or hotel, a night on the town, etc.

A honeymoon gift registry may not pay for your entire honeymoon, but they're lots of fun to set up--and you never can tell!

Do we need to bring anything along on our honeymoon cruise?

Formal Cruisewear

If you're going on a honeymoon cruise, you may be expected to dress up in formal attire on at least one occasion. If the bride is anything like me, she'll have no problems shopping for an elegant formal gown, or even two evening gowns and a ocktail dress, if she absolutely must.

The new hubby, however, may be more reluctant to purchase a tuxedo for one or two romantic dinners at the captain's table. A nice suit or sports jacket is sometimes good enough, but not always (particularly if you're traveling in Europe or your destination wedding will be on that ship!).

No problem. Just get in touch with your cruise line or travel agent and you'll be able to not only rent his tux, but find it hanging in all its masculine splendor in your stateroom upon your arrival on board.

What should we pack?

Honeymoon Packing Tips

If you're not sure what to pack for your honeymoon, whether your destination is rafting and a camping trip under the stars or a romantic Caribbean cruise, ask your travel agent, if you're using one.

If you'll be staying at a hotel or resort, they can tell you whether or not to bring your iron, hairdryer or alarm clock. They can also give you an idea of what kind of whether to expect.

Wherever you're going, it's a good idea to limit your clothes to just a few colors. That way, you can mix and match and come up with lots of outfits from just a few items.

What should we look for in a travel agent?

Honeymoon Travel Agents

Booking your honeymoon online is a great time- and moneysaver, but it's reassuring to speak with an actual human being.

Before you book that romantic travel package, ask your travel agent if she's actually been to that tropical island, that luxury hotel, that all-inclusive beach resort. If she (or he!) has been there, done that, you'll get a real insider's report on what to do, what to pack and what to happily expect. If your agent has never even BEEN to Hawaii (or Paris, Tahiti, or wherever), her guess is as good as yours!

Where should we go while honeymooning in Europe?

A European Honeymoon

Oh, to be in England...or Rome or Paris! There are some glorious European cruises that will transport you all around this fascinating and culturally diverse continent. If you opt, instead, to fly over "the pond," London is the traditional starting-off point, so do make the most of it! I recommend Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Tate Museum or Westminster Abbey, followed by a hearty pub lunch in the Theatre District or scrumptious afternoon tea at The Ritz.

Another "must see" city is Paris, less than three hours from London via high-speed Eurostar trains. The inexhaustible City of Light awaits you at the other end of the "Chunnel," with its unforgettable Louvre, L'arc de Triomphe and unparalleled shopping and nightlife. Of course, gastronomic delights will beckon from countless romantic sidewalk cafes and incomparable restaurants and hotels, so indulge in an extraordinary meal at a world-class dinner house, such as one of Chef Guy Savoy's exquisite eateries. And don't forget to jog by the Eiffel Tower at the Champs de Mar gardens the next morning-you may need it!

Next stop: Rome-the Eternal City-a paradise for lovers of fine art and music, romance and cuisine, easily accessible by air or rail. Don't miss St. Peter's Basilica, a revered and awe-inspiring architectural and artistic treasure. And be sure to bring comfortable shoes-Rome is a city designed for exploration on foot. We recommend strolling the Centro Storico, taking in the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. You'll easily work up an appetite for some of Italy's world-famous pasta and seafood.

We've left out Venice, Nice and Stratford-on Avon, not to mention Greece, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and dozens of other remarkable ports of call, all destinations more than worthy of exploration, and just a click away.

* Cuisine: Haute cuisine, plus bangers and meat pies, seafood, pasta, goulash, high tea, gelato, Viennese tortes-the list is endless!

* Shopping: Everything! Exquisite glass, china and ceramics; fabulous linens and designer clothes

* Language: Do try to learn a few phrases of the native language-but don't be insulted if the locals correct your pronunciation!

* Money: Credit cards are widely accepted, and can be used at ATMs for withdrawing Euros or pounds.
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