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Can we afford a honeymoon cruise?

Honeymoon Cruises

Ah, the fresh, salt air, a perfectly blue sky overhead, the sun-drenched deck warming the soles of your feet, as you gaze into your beloved's eyes. There is nothing so romantic as a honeymoon cruise!

The good news is that if you can manage a hotel- or resort-based honeymoon, you can probably afford a cruise. Prices for many cruise packages include your cabin, all meals and entertainment, plus transportation between all the ports on your itinerary. Most large cruise ships have several swimming pools, hot tubs, boutiques, and elegant lounges. Depending on the ship, they may include activities ranging from casino gambling to exercise and cooking classes, and much, much more.

Smaller ships offer a more intimate shipboard experience, as they carry fewer passengers and can get you closer to the fascinating sights of shore, without losing any of the gracious service and luxury.
If you've always dreamed of a honeymoon cruise, but you're not quite sure which way you'd like to go, get in touch with an expert on romantic travel. She can help you choose from innumerable cruises, from a 120-day around-the-world adventure, to a fantastic "minimoon," just about anywhere there's water!

Do we need to bring anything along on our honeymoon cruise?

Cruise Ship Tips

Going on a honeymoon cruise? Lucky you! But even if your luxury cruise package includes everything, you can be sure of smooth sailing if you pack along a few extra items:

∑ The food onboard cruise ships is notoriously delicious and abundant! To be sure your romantic trousseau isn't strained to the max, pack athletic shoes, sweats or whatever you like to work out in (many ships offer aerobics and yoga classes, or you can plan to take a few laps on deck!).

∑ If possible, bring extra swimwear, as you'll probably be spending some time in the pool. Bring nice cover-ups, too, just to be on the safe side.

∑ Pack a couple of sunhats—if possible, the kind that fasten under the neck—or caps that fit snugly. You'll want to take in the sights and activities on deck, but you'd do well to avoid too much tropical sun.

∑ Speaking of sunlight, do pack some high-quality sunscreen!

∑ Most people on big cruise ships never suffer a moment's seasickness, but it wouldn't hurt to bring some medication for motion sickness, just in case the water gets choppy.

∑ Pack yourselves some nice, comfortable sandals for extensive strolling on deck. The last thing you want to worry about is sore feet!

∑ Remember to pack some formal wear for dinner at the Captain's table. If hubby doesn't own a tux, one can be rented in advance to be delivered to your stateroom.

Last, but not least, although all newlyweds are lucky--you found each other, after all--it's a good idea to purchase some cruise insurance, in the unlikely event anything happens to your luggage, etc.

How can I save money on cruises?

Are Staterooms Worth it?

Don't reject the idea of a cruise just because you can't afford a top-tier stateroom. With few exceptions, passengers in the least expensive categories have the same food, activities, entertainment, service and access to the ship as those staying in ultra-luxury staterooms.


Cruise by Freighters

One of the most unique ways to take a "cruise" is by freighter. It is almost always less expensive than a cruise ship, and you'll be surprised to find that service is courteous, the food is excellent and there are more amenities than you'd expect.

Do we need to bring anything along on our honeymoon cruise?

Formal Cruisewear

If you're going on a honeymoon cruise, you may be expected to dress up in formal attire on at least one occasion. If the bride is anything like me, she'll have no problems shopping for an elegant formal gown, or even two evening gowns and a ocktail dress, if she absolutely must.

The new hubby, however, may be more reluctant to purchase a tuxedo for one or two romantic dinners at the captain's table. A nice suit or sports jacket is sometimes good enough, but not always (particularly if you're traveling in Europe or your destination wedding will be on that ship!).

No problem. Just get in touch with your cruise line or travel agent and you'll be able to not only rent his tux, but find it hanging in all its masculine splendor in your stateroom upon your arrival on board.

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