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Where can I find information on unusal honeymoon destinations?

Wild Cat Workshop

If you are looking for real adventure, consider attending Kenya's "Wild Cat Workshop". This 9 day safari gives you a wonderful opportunity to view the "big cats" up close. Also learn about other wildlife as well. (Elephant, buffalo, zebra, birdlife and more.) Permanent tented camps combine all the comfort of a hotel room with the excitement of being in the true African wild. They have full beds and bedding, electric lights and private toilet and shower facilities.

What should we look for in adventure honeymoon packages?

Honeymoon Adventure!

If you're looking for a getaway that's more an exciting journey than a relaxing loll on the beach, consider the exciting idea of an adventure honeymoon! Adventure honeymoons combine elements of traditional honeymoon vacation with a thrill-seeking expedition!

A honeymoon travel specialist can book your passage for an amazing journey. How about...

∑ A trip to Zambia, Victoria Falls or an African safari..

∑ An Amazon River cruise from Peru to mysterious Machu Picchu.

∑ A night in a French castle after a hot air balloon trek over the Loire Valley?

If you love diving, you might consider...

∑ A live aboard diving honeymoon in the South Pacific, or

∑ Even exchanging vows underwater at Australia's Great Barrier Reef!

Prefer lower temperatures? There's a fascinating autumn Polar bear safari at Canada's Hudson Bay.

If you're pressed for time and want a real adrenalin rush, a private helicopter can be reserved to deliver your wedding party to the Grand Canyon's rim, just 40 minutes from Las Vegas, for the wedding.

The possibilities for adventure, mystery and downright thrilling customized honeymoons are endless. Ask your romantic travel expert how to develop a package to help you discover just the right level of lovely exhilaration for your incredible honeymoon journey!

What makes Africa a good choice for an adventure honeymoon?

Honeymoon in Africa

In the growing world of adventure honeymoons, one stand-out destination is Africa. Couples can even plan destination weddings on this fascinating and mysterious continent, while others may choose to marry at home, then go on safari.

If “tracking” wild game is not your style, but you're intrigued by the beauty and adventure offered by an African honeymoon, you might consider a visit to awe-inspiring Victoria Falls in Southern Africa. There's a particularly wonderful hotel on the lush banks of the nearby Zambezi River.

Further into the wilds of Botswana there's an elegant lodge, complete with private gardens. You can take guided drives into areas that are home to large concentrations of elephants, along with lions, hippos and other magnificent creatures.

If you'd like to rough it a bit more, you can stay in a Kalahari tent, ride bikes and take game walks with Bushman trackers.

If honeymooning in a restored sultan's palace holds some romantic appeal, you can arrange a stay in the grand hotel in Stonetown, Zanzibar, then travel to the coral reefs and fine beaches in Nungwi. The game reserves in Kenya are astounding, and are home to giraffe and zebra, along with many other species.

It's easy enough to plan an exciting journey blending posh accommodations with wild excursions. Or you can really get to know Africa's amazing landscape and diverse cultures by planning a more modest excursion. There are beaches, museums, fabulous food and local markets to explore. As ever, just ask your romantic travel expert about great deals and adventurous honeymoon packages.

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