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Where should we go while honeymooning in Europe?

A European Honeymoon

Oh, to be in England...or Rome or Paris! There are some glorious European cruises that will transport you all around this fascinating and culturally diverse continent. If you opt, instead, to fly over "the pond," London is the traditional starting-off point, so do make the most of it! I recommend Shakespeare's Globe Theatre, the Tate Museum or Westminster Abbey, followed by a hearty pub lunch in the Theatre District or scrumptious afternoon tea at The Ritz.

Another "must see" city is Paris, less than three hours from London via high-speed Eurostar trains. The inexhaustible City of Light awaits you at the other end of the "Chunnel," with its unforgettable Louvre, L'arc de Triomphe and unparalleled shopping and nightlife. Of course, gastronomic delights will beckon from countless romantic sidewalk cafes and incomparable restaurants and hotels, so indulge in an extraordinary meal at a world-class dinner house, such as one of Chef Guy Savoy's exquisite eateries. And don't forget to jog by the Eiffel Tower at the Champs de Mar gardens the next morning-you may need it!

Next stop: Rome-the Eternal City-a paradise for lovers of fine art and music, romance and cuisine, easily accessible by air or rail. Don't miss St. Peter's Basilica, a revered and awe-inspiring architectural and artistic treasure. And be sure to bring comfortable shoes-Rome is a city designed for exploration on foot. We recommend strolling the Centro Storico, taking in the Colosseum and Circus Maximus. You'll easily work up an appetite for some of Italy's world-famous pasta and seafood.

We've left out Venice, Nice and Stratford-on Avon, not to mention Greece, Spain, Germany, Scandinavia and dozens of other remarkable ports of call, all destinations more than worthy of exploration, and just a click away.

* Cuisine: Haute cuisine, plus bangers and meat pies, seafood, pasta, goulash, high tea, gelato, Viennese tortes-the list is endless!

* Shopping: Everything! Exquisite glass, china and ceramics; fabulous linens and designer clothes

* Language: Do try to learn a few phrases of the native language-but don't be insulted if the locals correct your pronunciation!

* Money: Credit cards are widely accepted, and can be used at ATMs for withdrawing Euros or pounds.
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International Tipping

Carry a supply of one dollar bills for tipping. It saves that awkward searching about for small bills or asking for change. Dollar bills are gratefully accepted in many foreign countries.

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