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How do we know if an all-inclusive honeymoon package is for us?

Is an all-inclusive Travel Package for You?

Cruises and all-inclusives typically offer a lot of value for your money by including meals and some or all of your activities in the package price. However, if you're a couple who likes to explore the island, try the local restaurants or go on specialized or private excursions, a hotel + air package might be a better choice. Also, for certain destinations there are more and more independent resorts that are becoming all-inclusive, offering many different combinations of inclusions in their packages. These might include various beach sports, horseback riding, live theater, local transportation, golf, etc.

Finally, what's included in one resort's all-inclusive package might be very different from the next resort's package. Once you find out what's available, you'll need to decide just what you'd most like to have included. Then you can find out what you might still have to pay for at each resort to really compare them.

What is an all-inclusive honeymoon resort?

All-inclusive Honeymoon Resorts

All-Inclusive Resorts

Lavish one-stop shopping is what you'll get with an all-inclusive honeymoon package. The convenience for today's busy couples is sublime, but the food, lodgings and service are even better! Your travel, fantastic gourmet meals, premium all-day cocktail service and, of course, luxurious accommodations, are generally included in the price. Plus, you won't have to think about exchanging currency or wonder where you put your wallet.

All-inclusive honeymoons have become so popular, they're now available for nearly any destination, worldwide. Many offer free golf, water sports, tennis and fitness centers. And in the evenings you might enjoy live entertainment, music, a romantic swim by moonlight, and even a sauna to cap off a perfect day.

Most of these resorts also offer couples plenty of seclusion, as well, so you can get away from all the included activities whenever you like.

There are specials on honeymoon yacht cruises, private honeymoon islands in the tropics, European villas or cozy Fijian cottages. Often, even tips, gratuities and transport to and from the airport are generally covered, so you just have to have fun, lie back, eat beautifully and be lovingly pampered.

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