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Are there special flower leis for newlyweds?

The Most Romantic Aloha!

One of the most gracious customs on earth is the presentation of a flower lei upon landing in Hawaii. In fact, if you've been to the islands and NOT received a fragrant necklace of flowers on disembarking your plane, you no doubt envied everyone who received one!

Nothing starts a honeymoon out more perfectly than a gorgeous offering of white ginger, dendrobium or delicate white orchids, befitting a wedding. The offering of a lei is equivalent to saying "aloha," which carries many sentiments, including "love" and "greetings."

It's a simple matter to order flower leis ahead of time online for you and your new spouse (and if you both order them, don't worry--it'll be twice as nice!).

What´s a good gift to surprise the honeymooners?

Bring the Wedding Romance to Your Honeymoon

A great idea for a romantic gift for a new bride and groom is a bouquet of fresh flowers sent to their room.

Whether or not the happy couple has reservations in an island bungalo or in a hotel honeymoon suite, they will be thrilled and delighted to find a gift of beautiful, fragrant flowers.

What should I buy for my fiance´s wedding gift?

Honeymoon Wedding Gifts

A Gift for Your Sweetie

It's traditional for brides and grooms to present each other with wedding gifts, so why not make yours a hint of how wonderful married life with you is going to be?

For example, if you know he'd just love to spend some time surfing or snorkeling, but you'd rather lie on the beach or go shopping, why not pre-book some surfing or diving lessons or sessions (complete with equipment) to share while on your Hawaiian honeymoon? After all, you'll still be at the beach! Or if she's an avid golfer, but you'd just as soon spend your days hiking or sightseeing, why not pre-book 18 holes on the links for the two of you at a championship course (again, complete with clubs, shoes and cart)? You'll get a pretty good hike in, and have the added benefit of visiting the clubhouse afterward!

Whether this is your first opportunity to be alone or you have been together for years, the honeymoon is a great time to make some of his or her favorite things your favorite things and to find joy in whatever it is that makes your new mate happy.

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