The Truth About Travel Packages

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Can a honeymoon travel package save us money?

The Truth About Travel Packages

A travel package typically combines airfare and hotel, and occasionally other items, such as rental cars or extra activities. They're a handy alternative to booking the hotel and the airline tickets separately, and can often save you money.

Because of travel consolidators' huge sales volumes, they generally get better rates from airlines and hotels. Some travel specialists are often able to offer you much better prices by working with the travel consolidators than could be had by going directly to the airlines and hotels (even if the professional, rather than you, arranges for the reservations). So, the greater the number of different consolidators a travel professional works with, the greater the likelihood that she'll be able to give you an impressive and varied selection of travel options for a wide range of destinations at the best possible prices.

Of course, there are certain situations where packages just aren't the best choice. Itineraries with multiple destinations or very exotic or unusual destinations are probably best custom-created by you and your travel agent. That way, you can work together to join all your vacation wants and needs into a personalized dream honeymoon, built just for you.



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