What's a Honeymoon Registry?

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Should we sign up for a honeymoon registry?

What's a Honeymoon Registry?

If what you'd most like as a wedding gift is a great honeymoon, you should consider signing up with a honeymoon registry.

Sure, online wedding registries take a little of the romance out of gift-giving, but they also take away the guesswork and the parking hassles for the guest, and they save you from opening (yet another) well-meant small appliance.

Honeymoon registries simply offer up bits of your honeymoon expenses as gifts to be purchased. One guest's gift might be 500 miles of your airfare to Hawaii, another guest might buy one night at your resort or hotel, a night on the town, etc.

A honeymoon gift registry may not pay for your entire honeymoon, but they're lots of fun to set up--and you never can tell!



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