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What will be our first stop in Hawaii?

Honolulu Honeymoon

Honolulu on the island of Oahu is generally the first stop in the islands, and you'll find plenty of scenic tropical beauty and sandy beaches enough to stay put! If the two of you really love big city nightlife and lots of metropolitan activities--Hawaiian style, of course--Honolulu is the place for you.

Oahu's North Shore boasts some of the world's best surfing along with some of the best nightlife in Hawaii.

Essential to any history buff are Pearl Harbor and the USS Arizona Memorial, as is America's only royal residence, the Iolini Palace.

The trail up to the summit of Diamond Head leads to a spectacular view of exciting Honolulu, and it's well worth the trek.

The living coral reefs at Hanauma Bay are home to turtles and other gorgeous ocean life and are a natural choice for snorkeling, plus there are catamaran trips and outrigger canoes island-wide to glide you across the warm blue water.

What should we expect on Kauai?

Hawaiian Honeymoon on Kauai

Kauai is "The Garden Island," and it is as relaxing, lush and green a tropical paradise as its name promises. Cascading waterfalls, incredible fruits and flowers and terrific beaches complete the scenic picture.

The Kilauea Lighthouse is a wonderful spot for a visit, and the nearby Kilauea Point Wildlife Refuge is a nesting reserve for albatross, boobies, and several other tropical bird species.

Of course, Kauai has romantic resorts, hotels and restaurants enough for any honeymooners.

Why is Hawaii called "The Big Island"?

Honeymoon on Hawaii's "Big Island"

The Big Island of Hawaii is actually more than twice the size of the rest of the Hawaiian islands combined! And because of Kilauea, its still-active volcano, the island continues to grow day by day. Other awesome volcanic sights are 13,796 foot-tall Mauna Kea, and the vast lava fields.

There are fields of sugar cane and coffee to see (and sample), along with rain forests, innumerable waterfalls and gorgeous, peaceful beaches.

Of course, in the midst of all the serenity, there are plenty of hotels, motels and restaurants on Hawaii.

When should we plan a side trip from Oahu to Maui?

Maui Honeymoon

The island of Maui is a perennial favorite of honeymooners and all those who appreciate romance and solitude. It's just a short flight from Honolulu, but if you plan to take a side trip from Oahu to Maui, it's best to make hotel and airline reservations ahead of time.

Lahaina, Maui's capital, was once the Pacific's busiest whaling port, and remains a popular historical (and shopping!) site.

There are three self-contained resort facilities on Maui, offering amazingly luxurious accommodations and surroundings. The island is also a treasure trove of entertainment, from world-class golf to helicopter trips, not to mention just about every water sport imaginable.

Of course, like all of Hawaii, Maui is beautiful, peaceful and the weather is nearly always fantastic.

What can we expect on ourhoneymoon in the Hawaiian islands?

Hawaiian Honeymoons

Aloha! If this is your first visit to Hawaii, you're about to find out why it's a perennial favorite of honeymooners. Upon landing in Honolulu, you'll be greeted by the scent of tropical flowers and the warmth of tropical tradewinds. Heavenly!

During your visit, indulge in a luau (the Royal Hawaiian's is renowned) and sip Mai Tais on Waikiki. Be sure to visit historic Pearl Harbor and take in the Polynesian Cultural Center.

On Maui, swim at Kapalua Bay, voted one of the nation's best beaches, or hike into the rainforest to a secluded waterfall. Later, enjoy the nightlife on South Kihei Road.

On the Big Island of Hawaii, you must spend a day at the awe-inspiring Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.

There are various Hawaiian travel specials, generally available year-round to fit nearly any budget. You may prefer a cozy cottage for two on the Garden Island of Kauai or a romantic high-country manor on mystical Lanai, rather than a stay in a major hotel. Whether you want to surf, shop, cycle, play championship golf or enjoy a secluded snuggle with your sweetie, Hawaii has the perfect island for you.

∑ Dining: You'll enjoy Kalua pork, Mahi Mahi and continental and Asian cuisine, as well as luscious tropical fruits and beverages. Of course, Hawaii has all the typical American-style foods you're used to eating in any of the other 49 states!

∑ Shopping: Hawaii is a shopper's delight-there are plenty of boutiques and malls. Be sure to pick up some macadamia nuts and Kona coffee while you're there.

∑ Weather: Consistently fine, with little rain from March through November.

∑ Language: Hawaii is multicultural, but American English is spoken throughout the islands.

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