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What can we expect in Tahiti?

Tahiti Honeymoon

As gorgeous by moonlight as it is stunning under the tropical sun, Tahiti is a truly romantic island paradise. Accommodations range from charming thatched huts to all-inclusive resorts and hotel suites. This sparkling jewel, encircled as it is by lush coconut palms, blue lagoons and soft white beaches, invites everyone to play in the crystal-clear water. The spectacular coral reef is home to a rainbow palette of tropical undersea life, making French Polynesia a snorkling and scuba diving wonderland.

For a break from windsurfing and sailing, you might try exploring your island on horseback, by bike or on
foot. The famously gracious and interesting islanders will certainly greet you warmly. And be sure to
partake in the local music and dance, which seem to be going on everywhere. Of course, if what you really want is blissful seclusion and utter relaxation, there is plenty to be had.

What can we expect on our honeymoon in Fiji?

Honeymoon in Friendly Fiji

Bula means "welcome" on Fiji, and it is one of the friendliest destinations in the South Pacific. The warmth of the people rivals the island sun. Plan to attend a fascinating fire-walking ceremony or the meke, wherein costumed local performers portray Fiji's rich history and customs. Also, be sure to dine on authentic Fijian barbeque-you'll be back for more.

Fiji itself is a graceful land, fringed with swaying palms and surrounded by clear blue water. It's also the soft coral capital of the world, so the snorkeling and scuba diving are spectacular. The Coral Coast has the largest concentration of accommodations, plus it boasts the amazing Sigatoka Sand Dunes.

Fiji is the ideal spot to lie back and relax, river raft, try deep-sea fishing or even hit the golf links. Fiji's 300 islands offer some of the most secluded and intimate honeymoon hideaways on earth, and are a great choice for a romantic destination wedding. We also know of simpler bures (houses), luxurious, all-inclusive Five Star resorts-even "liveaboard" honeymoon cruises for serious diving enthusiasts. Dining: You'll discover wonderful cuisine, including local seafood, island barbecue, fresh fruits and vegetables and exotic desserts.

Weather: Temperatures average in the 70s F. year-round. The driest time is mid-summer to mid-autumn.
Language: English is widely understood; but do learn yalo vinaka (please) and vinaka (thank you). You'll want to express kindness to any of the hospitable people you meet.
Money: Tipping is not required; credit cards are generally accepted, or choose an all-inclusive package and forget about money!

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