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What is a "destination wedding"?

Wedding and Honeymoon Combined

One of the most popular trends in honeymoon travel is the Destination Wedding, uniting an ideal wedding with an equally romantic honeymoon locale. No longer limited to the traditional Las Vegas elopement (although Las Vegas destination weddings can be fabulous!), these convenient and often lavish wedding/travel packages can be arranged for nearly any honeymoon site, from Italian villas to tropical beaches, not to mention elegant nautical nuptials aboard cruise ships.

A couple can pledge their vows in Fiji, wearing authentic costumes and celebrating traditional romantic Fijian customs, then spirit themselves away after the party to their honeymoon bure (house). There, they'll be pampered for the duration of their all-inclusive honeymoon (bure, plus all food, drink and an array of activities included).

Engaged couples can arrange to celebrate their big day in Hawaiian garb, complete with flower leis and a Polynesian feast.

The possibilities for personalized destination wedding package are truly exciting, and virtually endless!

Many travel agents can also help organize guests' airline arrangements to and from the wedding/honeymoon site. Packages often include the cake, flowers and decorations, photographs--even manicures and announcement cards, not to mention reservations at their all-inclusive resort.

Destination weddings are one of the most convenient choices for busy couples, providing the special extras that wedding day dreams are made of. All you'll need to bring is your suitcase, a spirit of adventure and your one true love.

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