Formal Cruisewear

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Do we need to bring anything along on our honeymoon cruise?

Formal Cruisewear

If you're going on a honeymoon cruise, you may be expected to dress up in formal attire on at least one occasion. If the bride is anything like me, she'll have no problems shopping for an elegant formal gown, or even two evening gowns and a ocktail dress, if she absolutely must.

The new hubby, however, may be more reluctant to purchase a tuxedo for one or two romantic dinners at the captain's table. A nice suit or sports jacket is sometimes good enough, but not always (particularly if you're traveling in Europe or your destination wedding will be on that ship!).

No problem. Just get in touch with your cruise line or travel agent and you'll be able to not only rent his tux, but find it hanging in all its masculine splendor in your stateroom upon your arrival on board.



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