Planning Your Honeymoon Before the Wedding

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How can honeymoon plans prepare us for marriage?

Planning Your Honeymoon Before the Wedding

Before you exchange vows, find your travel agent or pack your bags, be sure to sit down together to discuss what each of you really wants for your honeymoon. I've known of couples who, without their fiancé's knowledge, each made travel arrangements, hotel reservations, added (and removed!) items from their honeymoon registries, replaced web site pictures and even put down payments on activities that the “other half” of the couple knew nothing about. Surprises are not always good!

These exciting, exhilarating and sometimes exhausting months before your wedding and honeymoon can provide a great opportunity for the two of you to start working as a team. Take advantage of this chance for a “dress rehearsal” for the rest of your lives together by discussing everything ahead of time in order to work out compromises that will satisfy the hopes and requirements of both of you.

Once you've pulled off the perfect wedding and ideal honeymoon as a couple, in spite of every obstacle and surprising twist of luck placed in your way, you'll be that much more confident of a joyous, rewarding life-long partnership.



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