The Most Romantic Aloha!

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Are there special flower leis for newlyweds?

The Most Romantic Aloha!

One of the most gracious customs on earth is the presentation of a flower lei upon landing in Hawaii. In fact, if you've been to the islands and NOT received a fragrant necklace of flowers on disembarking your plane, you no doubt envied everyone who received one!

Nothing starts a honeymoon out more perfectly than a gorgeous offering of white ginger, dendrobium or delicate white orchids, befitting a wedding. The offering of a lei is equivalent to saying "aloha," which carries many sentiments, including "love" and "greetings."

It's a simple matter to order flower leis ahead of time online for you and your new spouse (and if you both order them, don't worry--it'll be twice as nice!).



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