Honeymoon Checklist--Right Now!

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Honeymoon Checklist--Right Now!

If your wedding is awhile off, you can still get busy planning and preparing for your honeymoon--even if it's still just in the "dream" stages. Here's how:

∑ No doubt you'll be purchasing quite a few items for the big day, so use (or apply for) a credit card that offers “frequent flyer” points. These can add up quickly, and will start you on your way on your trip to paradise.

∑ If you're not sure where you'd like to spend the most romantic vacation of your life, do some research! Hit the library, type various destinations (and possible travel packages) into your computer browser, and don't forget to ask your married friends about their honeymoon trips.

∑ Start a honeymoon registry. This is one of the best—and most fun—ways to achieve that dream trip, especially if, between the two of you, you already own all the toasters and vases and knick knacks you'll ever need. With a honeymoon registry, you customize your honeymoon expenses into gift-sized portions—say, 500 miles of airfare, a romantic dinner, one night's stay in your honeymoon hotel suite—and receive cash gifts to pay for those items! It's a win/win for you and your guests, because it makes purchasing wedding gifts a breeze, plus you two get what you really want. Of course, don't forget to let the friends and family know where you're registered!

∑ If you've decided on a destination outside of the country, be sure to get your passports and visas in order well in advance. Also, as the big day approaches, you might buy some of the local currency of your destination. Even if you're going on a cruise or have decided on an all-inclusive resort, you may need a little cash for cab fare or souvenirs.

∑ Don't forget to add luggage, camera, sunscreen—whatever!—to your honeymoon registry wish list. It all adds up!

∑ Go online or ask your honeymoon travel specialist about the weather you can expect when you get to your destination. You'll want to pack accordingly. If you've chosen a trip to Tahiti, Hawaii or the Caribbean (or any other tropical island), you can be fairly certain the weather will be fabulous!



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