Answer: The Honeymoon!

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Answer: The Honeymoon!

Question: What's the most relaxing thing about getting married?

In order for your honeymoon to be the perfectly romantic dream vacation you've imagined, though, you'll need to put your heads together.

First things first: where do each of you want to honeymoon? With so many destinations at your fingertips (via online travel booking), it's easy to come up with the ideal compromise, even if you each have different ideas of "perfection." For example, there are packages to resorts on tropical islands with great diving AND museums and gourmet restaurants. Mexico's Puerto Vallarta and Martinique in the Caribbean come instantly to mind.

If one of you loves to loll in the sun with a frosty drink, but the other gets more out of hiking and wildlife preserves, the active volcanoes, trekkable terrain and gorgeous peaceful beaches on the Big Island of Hawaii might be just the ticket.

Maybe you love the neon nightlife and your sweetie prefers to be out in glorious nature. How about a suite in fabulous Las Vegas--just a daytrip away from the must-see Grand Canyon?

Or how about a cruise! nowadays, cruise ships offer something for everyone--from casinos to aerobics classes to miniature golf!

The possibilities are seemingly endless, and with a little reseach, a bit of discussion and some help from a knowledgable travel professional, you will find the honeymoon location and itinerary that's just what both of you have in mind!



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