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How do we start planning our honeymoon?

Honeymoon Chat

When it comes to travel--especially honeymoon travel--there's one thing we just can't stress enough: planning! Before you make even one fun choice, there are a few decisions you'll need to make together.

1. Sure, it sounds peaceful, glamorous and romantic, but are you sure you even want a honeymoon?

2. Assuming you have the wedding date pinned down, how soon afterward do you plan to take your honeymoon?

3. For how long can you get away, considering work schedules and other time constraints?

4. How much can you afford to spend on your honeymoon?

5. Would you rather stay close to home or go abroad?

6. Do you prefer city or beach? Mountains or desert? Maybe a cruise?

7. Will you need a travel agent or do most of the planning yourselves?

8. What sorts of sports and activities do you both enjoy?

9. What is your idea of perfect nightlife--camping under the stars, Paris bistros, Vegas strip?

10.Do you like roughing it, traveling "by the seats of your pants" or a resort vacation, knowing that meals, airfare, hotel, activities--everything--will be taken care of.



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