Honeymoon in the City!

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We hate the beach--where can we go on our honeymoon?

Honeymoon in the City!

Not so sure you really want to lie around on the beach? Would you rather plan out your days and nights according to your own tastes, rather than take part in whatever entertainment or cuisine is provided by an all-inclusive honeymoon resort? Are the two of you more sophisticated cosmopolitans than laid-back beach bunnies?

If you answered “yes” to any of the above, why not consider spending your honeymoon in a big city? Sure, you'll want to spend pretty much every moment as a couple; and yes, the two of you could have a romantic time anywhere, as long as you're together. But when you do venture out of your honeymoon suite, major cities have a lot to offer!

∑ You'll be having all of your meals away from home, so you might as well eat what you really want. In a big city, you'll get to decide if you want 5-star cuisine or burgers from a chain restaurant. Maybe you actually prefer breakfast at an out-of-the-way greasy spoon to brunch in a hotel dining room. In a major metro area, you get to decide if you want French food every night (easy to do in Paris!) or Kosher deli at lunch (a piece of cake in New York!) or pasta 24/7 (Roma!).

∑ The people you'll meet in any big city will be real, everyday people—not employees who are paid to be nice to you. Genuine smiles can be so much more...genuine!

∑ Not much chance of second degree sunburn in town (unless it's a tropical town), although you'll still want to slap on the SPF when you go out on a summer's day.

∑ Shopping! No gift shop on earth can compare with big city shopping, even if you aren't honeymooning in Chicago or London.

∑ Cheap and plentiful transportation abounds in the city, whether by rickshaw, rental car, jitney cab, cable car, limo or bus.

∑ Museums, art shows, theatre, jazz, comedy clubs, pubs, film festivals, cabarets...and

∑ last, but not least, in a big city hotel, you'll still have access to the honeymoon couples' best friend: Room Service!



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