One Week Until Your Honeymoon!

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How do we make sure the honeymoon runs smoothly?

One Week Until Your Honeymoon!

Well, you've almost made it to the nuptials, the wedding celebrations and the Honeymoon! Here's one last checklist for the final one-week countdown to the big day:

∑ Contact the post office and ask them to hold your mail.

∑ Discontinue newspaper delivery until you return.

∑ Call any stores you are registered with, and ask them to hold any gifts.

∑ Leave copies of house keys with a friendly neighbor or relative.

∑ Set your house timers.

∑ If friends will be looking after your pets, be sure to give them keys, and pick up an ample supply of pet food and kitty litter.

∑ Change your voicemail message at home and at work, if necessary.

∑ To avoid nasty post-paradise surprises, clean out your fridge and don't forget to take out the trash!

∑ Have your prescriptions filled. To avoid hassles, keep them in their original bottles and pack them in your carry-on luggage (or purse).

∑ Lay out your fabulous vacation clothes for packing (and pick up your dry cleaning).

∑ Be sure your bags are well labeled. For security reasons, be sure to pack manicure sets, sewing kits, etc., in your checked baggage.

∑ Make a few photocopies each of any important papers, including passports, Travelers Check numbers, insurance documents, itinerary—anything that might be helpful in a pinch.

∑ Call airlines to double-check departure times of domestic flights.

∑ Put all your travel documents together. If you're leaving right after your reception, give these all-important items to a trusted, sure-to-remain-sober, member of the bridal party.

∑ Have your luggage packed and, if possible, loaded into the vehicle that will be taking you to your hotel or airport.

∑ All you have to do now is make your getaway, soak up the memories, and have the most romantic trip of your lives!



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