The Final Honeymoon Stretch!

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The Final Honeymoon Stretch!

Just one month until the big wedding day and the honeymoon! Time to get those last-minute tasks accomplished while there's still plenty of time.

∑ Write up a honeymoon packing list. Think about everything you normally need over the period of time you'll be away, and make note. Then figure out what you'll want to have close at hand at your destination (sunscreen, hats, hiking boots, camera, lingerie, bikini...).

∑ Find out the easiest way to use money or credit during your trip. You might consider purchasing Travelers Checks or getting a “Travel Money” card.

∑ Confirm airline information and tickets, plus hotel and resort reservations, with your travel specialist.

∑ If you've decided not to arrange for a house sitter, ask a trusted friend or relative to gather your mail, water your plants, etc.

∑ Contact a kennel or otherwise arrange to have pets fed and exercised (and loved!) while you're away on your romantic vacation.

∑ Don't forget to buy your fiancé a wedding gift! If he or she can enjoy it on your honeymoon getaway (underwater camera, diving gear, golf clubs—whatever!), so much the better.



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